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On October 27, 2016, three of our FPHA Board members attended the March of Dimes 2016 Florida Prematurity Summit in Tampa, Florida.  Ethel Edwards, Linda Lacomb-Williams, and Jennifer Waskovich represented our organization during this one-day action planning event.  This Summit was an opportunity for varying organizations to collaborate in an effort to reduce prematurity rates to 8.1% by 2020.  The day began with an overview of the day’s purpose, the prematurity roadmap and strategic plan which were developed in November 2015.  Reverend Tommy Rodgers of the NE Florida Healthy Start Coalition provided an inspirational talk on Prematurity and Collaborative Planning in High-Risk Communities.  Our morning ended with the first steps of action planning, where our FPHA representatives worked with others to determine who else should be brought to the table in prematurity prevention strategies.  The afternoon comprised of two more planning sessions.  The first of which was a SWOT analysis.  Each workgroup, determined by region in the state, listed strengths and weaknesses in their county/organization regarding prematurity prevention.  The last session was entitled “Essentials for Success” where we developed a list of things we felt are necessary to be successful in our action plan.  FPHA has a number of ways we can play a role, including advocacy and policy change.  We will need to rise as once Public Health voice to help make change in the State of Florida.  One voice to improve the pregnancy outcomes of our pregnant moms.

For more information visit  http://www.marchofdimes.org/news/preterm-birth-increases-in-the-us-for-the-first-time-in-eight-years.aspx

The FPHA Community Health Interest Group was developed for individuals interested in improving the health of our communities in Florida.  Community Health encompasses all aspects of public health.  Whether you are a health educator, a nutritionist, an environmental specialist or nurse, this group is for you.  Come join us in furthering the development of public health professionals.  Share best practices, join in health advocacy and partake in educational opportunities to improve as a professional and as a Floridian.  You will not only meet people from your area of expertise but all areas that act as the building blocks for Florida’s Public Health Team.  There is no better way to make an impact on our future in the Sunshine State!



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